experimentConversations with Namu Kini is India’s first online talk show for women taped with a live audience, that turns the spotlight on people who have contributed greatly to the community. We celebrate their life journey, personal and professional triumphs and quests for success so that every woman in India realizes that she can live her dream.

Hosted by Namu Kini, CWNK features women from all walks of life who have had extraordinary accomplishments or are making a difference to the society around them. From stories and reflective moments to setting goals and sharing dreams, each guest brings their own spirit to the conversation. Aimed at inspiring and encouraging women to pursue their personal and professional goals, the show provides a platform to shape the developing image of the urban Indian woman and a forum for discussion.

CWNK is also a networking platform – one of its main objectives is to help women reach out, meet kindred spirits, share stories and find relevant role models and personal heroes. Teasing out the superstar within each woman, the show leaves the audience with one compelling question: “If they can do it, why can’t I?”

Conversations with Namu Kini is recorded in Bangalore and is the first Enligsh talk show for women in India to be filmed in front of a live audience. Each Conversation provides an opportunity for the women in the audience to interact with the guest speakers, during the Question and Answer session at the end or over dinner afterwards.


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