Day 11/12/13 – In a good place. Om!


Day 11, 12 and 13 have been so full, that I haven’t had a chance to report to all of you :) My kids are back from summer vacation with their grandparents….nuff said. Kids at home and no nanny means my house is a mess again. Now combine that with double work and double workouts…..and there hasn’t been second to blog :)

I’ve had 2 brick workouts Day 11 and 13. And 12 was a rest from training. 1 swim, 2 bike rides and 1 run. However, all 3 days started with some lovely meditation, pranayama and gratitude. So I am on track with my 21 day meditation challenge.

In less than 2 weeks, I’ve felt a huge change in my temperament. I feel calmer & in control. I sleep better. The chaos may be there, but it doesn’t take center stage. Staying sugar free and eating clean – plant based have played a big role in the change. And I recommend that you all try it!

Super excited for Sunday – the TCS 10K!!



Namu Kini