Day 8 – Rebuilding my foundation – one brick at a time

I am super thrilled to share that I did my first brick workout in ages. A year and half precisely – since my half ironman in 2015. A brick workout – is back to back workouts of any 2 of the 3 triathlon sports. Naturally, they are twice the challenge too.

Day 8 started at 4:30 am – Oil pulling, pranayama, meditation. Breathe, breathe, breathe, om, om, om. Brick workouts require a lot of planning too. The packing list can be extensive, bike + run paraphernalia + hydration + nutrition! I wondered – do I still have it in me? 50 km bike + 5 km run.

I usually drive out with the bike – right now our favourite haunt is Rajanakunte – out North. And we ride in the countryside – where there isn’t too much traffic. However, since it sadly isn’t safe for a woman to ride out alone, we always go in 2s or in a group. This time was with the husband :)

I started out strong, the weather was pleasant. Lots of fresh air, trees, birds, cows and a few scary stray dogs. They sometimes chase! Snacked on my home made bars – made with dates, raisins, oats, cashew, coconut oil and rock salt. I’m a salty sweater. Thats right. I can scoop the salt off my skin after a workout!! Which means, I need to replenish them before, during and after exercise. Now I add salt to my snacks and post ride green smoothie.

Namu Bike


bike2 Finished the ride in 2 hours 8 minutes – averaging over 23 kh/hr – pretty chuffed! The goal was 25 km/hr, and my last ride was 19 km/hr – maybe its my clean eating, sugar free, plant based  powa??

Running has always been my weakest – in triathlon, running is the last of the 3 legs. Swim, bike, and when you are exhausted, and the blazing sun is out, then…you run! Since I pushed on the bike, my run wasn’t too strong. I ran on the side roads and got lost in a village….finally managed to run only 3 km.

Catch me if you can!

Catch me if you can!


Thrilled and wiped out by the effort :) I treated myself to a sports massage….and this delicious meal.



Again, all real food – sauteed amaranth leaves, bittergourd, green beans, tofu curry, yellow moong dal and bajra roti. All cooked in organic virgin coconut oil. Psst = I inhaled 2 servings of this size :) And lets just say I was usually hungry all day.


I’m incredibly grateful for such a fantastic start to the day. I was done with the brick at 9:15 am! 50 km bike + 3 km run. Like I mentioned before, the best part of triathlon training is starting your day with a sense of accomplishment.


On that note….have a super weekend. Happy mother’s day to all the mamas reading this.



Namu Kini