Day 9 – It’s what’s On The Inside That Counts

Ah, day 9 was indulgent. Morning meditation, pranayama, gratitude. Sunday dosas, green smoothies, and lots of veggies. Rest day – so no workout. Felt content reflecting on the week that passed. Its been about 5-6 weeks of going sugar & gluten free, and on a completely whole foods plant based diet. And I’ve been feeling light & energetic. No bloating, heaviness. I love it when you can spring back into a productive day after your meal – lunch shouldn’t put you to sleep!!




Its only been one week of consistent triathlon training and I’m back in my size 0 pants. I’m bringing this up because size matters. I know its an uncomfortable topic, but its something you shouldn’t ignore. But having said that its not only size that matters, its your lean vs. fat mass that truly makes the difference. And unfortunately my fat % has always been on the high side. So talk about peeling layers of the onion, I’m not just working on my inner most fears…but also trying to get rid of my lean muscles’ evil twin – fat! And the only way is through healthy eating and exercise. Something you can’t outsource. You earn it with every drop of sweat.


If you are curious to know your body density – do a DEXA scan. Stats you should know, like what’s in your savings account. Cause it’s what’s on the inside that counts :)


Namu Kini