Lucky number 53

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be blogging and sharing pictures about my routine, diet, scanning menus, how to deal with buffets, dinners out, kiddie birthday parties, travel, exercise…everything everything.

9 years and 2 kids since I’ve been 53 kgs. I’m sure I crossed 80 (!!) at full term. Sick of yo-yoing between Atkins, South Beach, 3 day and every other fad diet out there, I’m on my final attempt to shed the extras honestly through exercise (lots of it) and eating healthy balanced meals. Thrilled to share that I’ve already lost 4 of the 12kgs and aiming to drop the last 8 by Dec 31. Where am I now? 61.

Can I do it? Its a bit ambitious, but I just have to give it a shot.

And join me – I could use the company!