November 14

Weight – 61 kgs

Goal – 53 kgs by Dec 31

Good morning gang! Having made my goals public yesterday was good motivation to get moving!! Had a busy day, but planned my menu & snacks in the morning. I want to start with… God bless my cook!


Workout: Crossfit (cross training) 1 hr

Breakfast: 1 slice whole wheat toast (carb + Fibre), 2 egg whites fried (protein) , 100 gm steamed broccoli (Superfood alert!), 1 glass – 200 ml soymilk (antioxidants!) and a cappuccino. I’m not big on Indian breakfast, so this keeps me happy.

11 am snack: 100 gm papaya, and 2 Tbsp pottukadalai (google it!)

Lunch:  1 cup fat free salad, 1/2 cup spinach dal (man, this was delish), methi cauliflower and little beetroot…made as a dry palya, 1 roti (we mix oatbran in the dough), 2 Tbsp low fat yoghurt.


ImageIsn’t that a full plate?

Evening Snack: Banana milkshake made with 200 ml soymilk + half a banana. Very satisfying!!

Workout: 30 min run – 4.2 km with 250 ml of fresh coconut water during workout and 1 dry date before. I was feeling fairly low energy before the run, but the coconut water brought me back!


ImageBurn Baby Burn! After an awesome run on the treadmill.

Dinner: Salad, spinach dal, Cabbage Palya (Tossed with some seeds – south Indian style), 2 tbsp Yoghurt and 1 ragi ball (It looks like a gulab jamun and is the yummiest thing ever)


ImageDinner in my beautiful kansa plate…I know it doesn’t look like much but its a big plate I promise;)

Post Dinner snack: 2 Lindt dark chocolate thins (oh how I look forward to this)

Water: 3-4 litres all day including tons of green tea.

As you can see lunches and dinners are Indian and home made, but it works well for me as none of the ingredients are processed. And theres something about daal roti that just fills me up more than half a sandwich or a soup. I try to source organic and fresh ingredients, sneaking in the greens wherever I can.

Stuff I’ve given up totally: alcohol, added sugar, potatoes, fried food

How was your day? Lets do this people!!

xxx Namu Kini