November 15 – Where’s my Chicken?

Current Weight: 60.9 kgs only 100 gms off from yesterday, I thought it would be at least half :(

Goal for December 31: 53 kgs

OK, so I am totally feeling the pressure of this public weight loss challenge! But thats the idea :)  Grateful for all the encouragement from my FB community – thank you. Yesterday was good but exhausting. Here’s how it went. My morning started at 6 am, got creature #1 and creature #2 clean, fed and to school!

8:30 am Morning workout: 5 km on the treadmill

9:30 am BREAKFAST:

Oatmeal (8 Tablespoons cooked with 1 tsp Oatbran + 1 Tbsp Flaxseed powder) – Fibre goodness

1 glass soymilk – protein, antioxidant, fills you up

100 gm Broccoli steamed – super food, antioxidant, Vitamin C


Cappuccino – picker upper


1/2 cup Papaya – good for skin and just yum

2 Tbsp Pottukadalai – kinda tastes like nuts :)

1:15pm LUNCH


Rajma – Did you know Rajma is very very high in antioxidants? So happy that our Indian diet is so nutritious. Ginger, Garlic, turneric, tomatoes, mm mm food of goodness.

Brown Rice Mushroom Pulao – filling, fibre, vitamins and best of all flavour! I lurv brown rice.

Low Fat Yoghurt – Probiotic & Protein

I kinda panicked when lunch arrived, the compartment that was supposed to contain a delicious piece of chicken was sadly empty :( The Godrej chicken guy forgot about his delivery. Man, it is so hard to deal with disappointment. Oh well, guess its chicken curry tomorrow (one of the main reasons to live in India in my opinion) Lunch looked a small on my plate, but since I knew my snack was coming up in a few hours, it was fine.


4 pm SNACK

Apple (with peel)

1 glass Soymilk – 200 ml


Almost chickened out of my evening run, but I’m running out of time and how am I going to reach my goal? If I’m 61 now, and need to be 59.something by Monday, I need to do something drastic. I really need to challenge myself physically and mentally. And tons of people run more than 10K a day…. I should at least try right? So I ate 2 Dark Lindt slims and headed to the gym with my coconut water in my sipper. Creatures had a friend over for a playdate so no Mommy guilt :)

So I managed a 4K run and plenty of sweat in 27 minutes listening to my trusty companion Songza. I love Songza. Nothing like awesome music to keep you going – really needed it, I was fading.

I  am running out of gym clothes with all this working out! Looks like someone’s going to need to go shopping :)

My sister came over for dinner – with food….so yay…a larger variety on the table.

7:30 pm DINNER


Mushroom Brown Rice Pulao – thats right, we don’t eat a different lunch and dinner. Its too much work.

Rajma & a little Moong Dal – Protein & Fibre

Doodi Sabji – its a water based gourd veggie just tossed in the pan with some seeds south Indian style. I’m growing a halo as I type this.

And Yoghurt – Protein and to tone down the spices – I have to eat it wiht every meal – comfort food for me


Water intake: 3 bottles including 2 pots of Green Tea.


Other stuff I’ve given up: Cheese, Corn, Cookies, Cake, Butter….thats right!

Someone asked me yesterday where I find the energy to do 2 workouts a day….well you start with 1 good workout a day for a week. And then try adding a 30 min walk in the evening, which you can turn into a run when your stamina catches up. Its all about pushing yourself. And time? My husband and I take turns getting the kids ready for school so we can both workout! Don’t you think thats fair? :) Also I don’t see this meal plan as any form of punishment. I enjoy it more knowing that it is nutritious and good for me. I honestly love papaya, oatmeal, oatbran…..and don’t get me started on sprouts. I’m saving that for another day :)

Thats it for now folks – thanks for checking in. Stay healthy and have an AWESOME day.



Namu Kini

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